What is the RU Recovery Program?

RU is a faith-based addiction recovery class, that started in 1996 in Rockford, Illinois. It offers classes, programs, and residential help for addicted men and ladies, and has now expanded into churches, prisons, and communities across the US and around the world.
RU takes a “whole” man approach. We acknowledge the mental and physical side to addiction, but we also believe there is a spiritual side to addiction. We provide support and hope to those dealing with addictive behaviors through faith, the church, and weekly classes. We have a complete curriculum that includes accountability and progress tracking. We have become accepted as a Faith-Based alternative in drug courts across America.

Bible Classes for All Ages

We have Bible classes for all ages because we believe all ages need a savior. Not only does everyone need a savior, but everyone also needs to know how to have a relationship with Jesus. In these Bible classes we teach every generation the Word of God and how to have a relationship with Jesus. We’d love to have you visit and study Gods Word with us. 

Childcare available for all services for children 6wks to 4yrs of age.

We know that your children are important to you. They are important to us as well. We’ll take good care of your kids so you can be free to enjoy the services! 

Baytown Love

Baytown Love is born out of a desire to show our love and the love of Christ to Baytown! We love Baytown! Because of that, we regularly host a food blessing every fourth Saturday from 9am-12pm, or until we run out of food. You can contact us on Facebook or email us if you have any questions.

Youth Ministry – Teens meet on Wednesdays in the fellowship hall.

Our youth group meets in the fellowship hall Sunday’s at 10am and Wednesdays at 7pm, where they cover many topics pertaining to issues facing our youth today as they learn how to have a real relationship with Jesus.

Vacation Bible School Registeration

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